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Intamap specialises in location; to be precise the exact location of business premises in selected industries. We then map these business locations onto one of our industry locatorys. Our mission is to ensure that people travelling to businesses throughout the UK have the necessary information to arrive at their destination without location delay.

At Intamap we review thousands of business websites each year as we add locations to our Industry Locatorys. Location information is typically now found on a contact page or in the footer of a website.

It usually consists of an interactive map with a single map marker which may or may not be accurately pinned.

Vagueness of PostCode, human error, the search engine not knowing the correct location, we have probably encountered every variation. Don't misunderstand us, slippy maps are a great improvement in highlighting business locations but they are only one part of the fluid jigsaw of travelling to a business location. We now see more routing services, which is helpful, but there's a whole section of travel information missing.

The customer is expected to find a local hotel, vehicle rental and personal transportation services. They can of course do all of this from scratch from their phones but this wastes valuable time.

The business they are travelling to has the required local knowledge but the customer cannot access it. Our location web service fills this information gap.

Each business's bespoke web page is a 3-in-1 travel resource: it can be used as a complete guide; the map can be used on your website; and your bespoke PictoLink panel can be included in Intamap's Industry Locatorys, further promoting your business.


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Addamap to your web site

If your business website does not have an interactive map showing your business location or if you have a map which does not function optimaly, then our Addamap service can assist you better broadcast your location. Addamap can provide your business with an interactive map, including a branded map marker together with the location of essential services to ensure that your customers can travel without location delay to your business.


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Location delay

Location delay should not now affect your customers or clients as you can provide them with a resource which guides them to your business location, irrespective of their mode of transport.


To discuss how Intamap can help your business, please email

Visionary businesses are now using live streetcams to familiarise new customers / clients with their area and guide them to the entrance of their premises.

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